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Geysers Sun of the Morning - Geysers and Volcanos - Potosi - Potosi - Bolivia - Americasol.Net
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- Info País: Bolivia
Estado: Potosi
Local: Potosi
Temas Geográficos:
Geysers and Volcanos
December 2002

One of the characteristics of the Bolivian High Plateau is to possess a complex volcanic activity. They are pacifically actives and inactives volcanos, prehistoric, that follow the evolution of the Planet Earth since millions of years.

A beautiful manifestation of the Planet Earth, in these Geothermal fields of the Volcanic Complex of Puna, is the Bolivian Geysers Sun of the Morning. Possessing natural boiling adobe swimming pools, strong active fumaroles and an enormous variety of colors, due the high mineral complexity, the place becomes remarkable by its beauty, activity and vigor.

This is a meeting with igneous forces of Nature, where we perceive, clearly, that the Earth is an alive organism in constant evolution.

In these volcanic boilers, we perceive that the concept about what is animate and what is inanimate is totally relative.

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