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Americasol.Net is informational channel about themes related to South America:

* south american countries and their people;
* cultures, ancient civilizations, archaeological sites;
* importance of the atmosphere and its preservation;
* tourism, echo tourism and travels;
* geographical themes and cool places;
* adventures and sports associated with Nature;
* Recently, we added Mexico as new theme.

Americasol.Net was born in 2002 ... know the updated version of this site in Portuguese, which includes other countries!

New version of Americasol.Net in English, which has expanded beyond South America!
Monte Alban - Oaxaca (Archaeological Sites)

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Geysers Sun of the Morning - Potosi (Geysers and Volcanos)

One of the characteristics of the Bolivian High Plateau is to possess a complex volcanic activity. They are pacifically actives and inactives volcanos, prehistoric, that follow the evolution of the Planet Earth since millions of years. A beautiful manifestation of the Planet Earth, in these Geothermal fields of the Volcanic Complex of Puna, is the Bolivian Geysers Sun of the Morning. Possessing natural boiling adobe swimming pools, strong active fumaroles and an enormous variety of colors, due the high mineral complexity, the place becomes r...
The Uros - Puno (Lakes - People)

UROS, THE FLOATING PEOPLE OF LAKE TITICACA Currently reduced to tourism exposition, the sales of handicrafts, and the exhibition of a primitive but very ingenious way of life, the Uros resist in time... they are a pre-Columbian people who float in the Titicaca lake, in the neighborhoods of Puno, since a remote and unknown period... How many years? Are there any records? What would be the historical impulse that led these people to create ingenious floating little villages? Version 1: Apparently, this people used to live halfway betw...
Sete Cidades National Park - Piaui (Parks and Ecological Area)

Peculiar rocky formations that look like beings, animals, objects and personages - this is the main attraction of the Sete Cidades National Park, situated in the north of the Piaui State - Brazil. Sete Cidades National Park is a stage where a very slow planetary transformation have been happening since 190 million years ago. It is, therefore, a historical register of the evolution of the Earth Planet, that overpasses completely our sense of time because how could be possible for us to imagine a cipher of 190 million years? While natur...
Chavin de Huantar - Ancash (Archaeological Sites)

Chavin de Huantar is an archaeological site containing ruins and artifacts constructed beginning at least by 1200 BCE and occupied by later cultures until around 400-500 BCE by the Chavin, a major pre-Inca culture. The site is located 250 kilometers (160 mi) north of Lima, Peru, at an elevation of 3,180 meters (10,430 ft), east of the Cordillera Blanca at the start of the Conchucos Valley. Chavin de Huantar has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some of the Chavin relics from this archaeological site are on display in the Museo d...

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